Saturday, November 26, 2011

SDSU Spring 2012 Graduate Class

English 727

Dr. A. Allison

M 4-6:40 The History of Children’s Literature (Graduate seminar)

Sample Readings: Herge, Tintin: The Blue Lotus

Seth Lerer, Children’s Literature: A History.

Julie Mickenberg and Phillip Nel. Tales of Little Rebels.

Books about the 1930’s for review in the Center for the Study of Children’s Literature, AL 218

Allison, English 727 Reader

Description: This advanced research seminar for children’s literature specialists approaches history in three ways:

1. Longitudinally: representative periodization (strong foundation in literary history is assumed)

2. Diasynchronically: emphasis on children’s/YA literature during and about the 1930’s

3. Thematically: Tracing the presentation of a major concept over time

Assignments include oral/media presentations on supplementary readings, a journal, and two research papers.

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