Thursday, November 10, 2011

Illustration award for Yolen poem

The Art of Illustrating Children’s Literature

Robby Tuttle '13 (SFA) won the 2011 Raab Associates Prize in Illustration for his illustration of a four-line poem by Jane Yolen.

Illustration major Robby Tuttle ’13 (SFA) has been selected as the winner of this year’s Raab Associates Prize in Illustration for his interpretation of Jane Yolen’s poem, Infirm Pachyderm.

Infirm Pachyderm

© 2011 by Jane Yolen, All rights reserved

More than in most any other literary form, illustration plays an important part in telling stories to small children and in piquing the interest of slightly older readers. For this reason, each year since 1999 illustration students in the Department of Art and Art History in the School of Fine Arts have competed for the Raab prize donated by Susan Salzman Raab ’80 (CLAS). Winners are named in November, just prior to the Connecticut Children’s Book Fair held at UConn.

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