Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kids Books Online Links (excerpt)

Kids Books Online: Various collections of kids books online and other educational resources

Written by Chana | November 24th, 2011

kids books online

....There is a huge variety ... of kids books online accessible right at your own computer.

Kids Books Online Links

Many studies have shown that reading to your children can have many priceless benefits and advantages.

For example, a recent study made in Rhode Island Hospital compared two groups of eight months old babies – one group was read to very often from birth, while the other group was not. The study has shown that those children who were read to often, developed their “receptive” vocabularies, indicating the number of words they could understand with an up to40 per cent increase since babyhood, while the non-reading group of babies only increased by 16 per cent.

Indeed, reading to your kids is one of the most effective way of building the neural connections in his growing brain which enhances his early language development and other cognitive functions.

Here is a resource for teachers, parents, librarians as well as kids for all types of reading and educational materials:

Click here to find a variety of interactive kids books online:

Here is a large collection of hundreds of titles of kids books online on various topics and suitable for different age levels:

This is a link to ICDL – International Children’s Digital Library, whose stated mission and goal is to to build a collection of children’s books that represents outstanding historical and contemporary children’s literature from throughout the world.... Click here to access the library:

Here is a collection of popular kids books online from KOL Jr. Stories:

This is a link to, a website that features a wide variety of games, song and other educational activities aimed at encouraging children to learn to love reading and improve their reading skills:

One particular website that features free story books for kids stands out among the rest, it’s Story Time for Me:

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