The workshop taught the kids to write without fear and how to improve vocabulary.

Children attending the Writer's Carnival at Saptaparni recently quickly jotted down tips from the interactive session with writers.

Meetu Chawla... discussed interesting writing techniques like the use of “Spoonerisms” and “Portmanteau”. Chawla touched on simple ways to draw inspiration, the importance of eavesdropping and looking at another's perspective.

Special style

She stressed on the unique styles of writers like Roald Dahl and Dr Seuss who wrote about important issues in a light hearted manner with the example of the Lorax which conveys an important environmental message. Cheryl Rao, children's writer, suggested that children try “free writing”, which removes the fear of writing and making mistakes while constantly improving the vocabulary. Rao also said, “writing is an ongoing process and it's important to remember that the most important person is you and how writing can be fun and not hard work.”