Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Guardian to interview Terry Jones--send your questions

Ask Terry Jones a question

Send in your questions for children's author and former Python Terry Jones

Terry Jones
Got a question for Terry Jones? Photograph: Adrian Sherratt / Rex Features

Former Monty Python actor/director and children's author Terry Jones is coming into the office on Thursday to record a Guardian Books podcast interview about his recent book for adults. But we've also got some time with him to ask him YOUR questions about his children's books, his life and his writing.

Terry Jones was recently shortlisted for the Roald Dahl funny prize for his cautionary tales about animals, Animal Tales. The book, illustrated by Michael Foreman, includes whimsical tales of a dog who cannot understand why he is not allowed to practice medicine, a fox who runs a circus of trained chickens, a flea who thinks he is the manager of a chain of mega-stores and a skunk who falls madly in love with a bear.

Jones's first book for children, published in 1981, was Fairy Tales. He said, "I'd always loved the idea of fairy tales and I thought it would be nice to write totally new ones – ones that haven't been told before but sound as if they're old fairy tales…

He went on to publish further children's stories, including The Saga of Erik the Viking, Nicobobinus and Fantastic Stories.

What would you like to ask Terry Jones? Send your question to childrens.books@guardian.co.uk by 10am Thursday 17 November. Don't forget to tell us your name and age. Even better, if you can record your question and email us the audio file, we might be able to include your voice asking Terry your question.

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