Sunday, February 5, 2012

Russell Hoban Birthday Quotation Roundup Report, from The Kraken

*Today the Slickman A4 Quotation Event (SA4QE) celebrates 10 years of
sharing quotes from the much-loved writer Russell Hoban.*

We can't quite believe it's been a decade since our friend from Chicago,
Diana Slickman, came up with the wonderful idea of celebrating Russell
Hoban's birthday each 4th February by writing our favourite quotes from his
work on pieces of paper and leaving them in public places. Since then SA4QE
has grown every year, with over 350 quotes distributed by nearly 100
recorded participants from Argyll to Ypsilanti, who these days also share
their quotes on social networking sites as well as in the real world.

Russell Hoban of course sadly passed away last December, but fans are
continuing the tradition in his honour. Today we'll be watching the web for
quotes shared across various media and this site will be updated as quotes
are found or sent direct. You can do this by emailing details of your quote
(and the book it comes from), your name, location and any photos etc to
sa4qemail (at) gmail (dot) com or by leaving those details on the comments
box of this post, below. If you are tweeting your quotes, use the hashtag
#sa4qe or mention the @sa4qe account. If you're posting your quotes to
Facebook and you're a fan of the official Russell Hoban or SA4QE pages
there, you can tag your post with "Russell Hoban" or "SA4QE" and the post
should appear on the walls of those pages. We can't promise to post here
all quotes sent or found today, but will be adding more in the coming days.

Meanwhile, we have two new things for you to enjoy - firstly, Olaf
Schneider's brand new animation:

This features a never-before-heard recording of Russell Hoban reciting one
of his own poems,* Rivers In Your Mind* from *The Last of the Wallendas*,
which he made expressly in 2002 for Olaf to turn into an animation.

Secondly we are publishing today the results of our December/January
Russell Hoban reader survey to which scores of fans responded with their
favourite books, quotes and characters here:


Richard pp Gombert
SA4QE Admincer

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