Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CFP, Conference, UC Berkeley, Aug. 18

First Undergrad Research Conference at Berkeley:

The UC Berkeley Comparative Literature department is putting on its first annual undergraduate research conference in the fall. We are inviting students from all over the nation to present their undergraduate research. The conference is free with pre-registration. You can find more information at

Got travel funds? In the meantime, we have a lengthy list of undergraduate travel grants — most specifically oriented toward undergraduates attending conferences. The competition should not be too steep for these, and we highly encourage you to apply for these grants. We are currently negotiating to get discounted hotel rooms and travel funds for those in need, but these are not guaranteed — nor will there be much to go around.

What are we looking for? If you would like to present your research or share your knowledge and expertise at one of the sessions, don't be shy! Present by yourself or with a friend! We're hoping to provide sessions on diverse topics, ranging from graduate school applications to translation skills to medieval French epic poetry to New Wave cinema. Bring your passion and send us a proposal about what rocks your world.

Currently, we have undergraduates organizing sessions about the difficulties of memorializing tragedy, getting into grad school, the complexity of translation, and how to start organizations in your own department. We're looking for both interactive panel discussions and straight research presentations. We believe in the extraordinary creative ability of undergraduates and we attempt to give presenters as much freedom as possible. Check out the presenter application form for a better idea of what we're looking for.

We'd love to have you present your research! If you have already graduated — or even started graduate school — that's fine. We're happy to host recently-graduated undergraduates. We may even be interested in having you moderate a discussion. If you're interested, let us know!

We'll start making decisions on presentation applications on a rolling basis in mid-February.

What? Comparative Literature Undergraduate Research Conference
Where? UC Berkeley
When? August 18, 2012.
Why? To meet other students who share your passion, to enjoy the copious amounts of free food we'll be serving, to learn about areas of Comparative Literature you're not familiar with, to socialize with graduate students and professors in your field, and to add another line to that resume in preparation for grad school applications.

If you have question, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Katie Habash (editor at the UCB Comparative Literature Undergraduate Journal

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