Thursday, February 16, 2012

Publishng Perspectives blog, excerpt

Children’s Books Go Multimedia, Multinational, Multi…Everything

By Peggy Intrator

How far can a digital book go before it stops being a book? Does that matter? Can books be created and developed by game developers as well as traditional publishers? Are new formats hurting or helping reading? How many of the old publishing rules still apply? What are the new rules?

Storybird, a book platform that puts artists directly in touch with consumers

Lorraine Shanley, organizer of the day long Children’s Publishing Goes Digital event at Digital Book World on January 23 in New York City summed up the day by saying, that children’s publishing is multiplatform, multimedia, multinational, multi…everything.

There is consensus that even though lines are blurring across media, many of the familiar publishing truths apply in both print and digital. First and foremost you have to start with great content....

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