Saturday, January 21, 2012

Last Chance for Survey on Russell Hoban's Books, from The Kraken, reprint

The survey I started on 28th December has had an excellent response, so
much so that I've had to create a duplicate....

I will be closing the survey in one week's time (28th January) so if you
haven't already taken it, don't miss out - go here pronto:

Here also is the link to the duplicate survey should you be unable to
access the original link:

As I say, the second survey is exactly the same as the first one, so
there's no need to take it again. In fact please don't, as that would just
be cheating :)

Also, I hope you're all busy thinking up quotes to share and fun ways of celebrating SA4QE's 10th birthday on the 4th February!

[Febuary 4th is Russell Hoban's birthday, when his readers place their favorite Hoban quotes from any of his writings in spontaneous places around the globe, for other readers to chance upon.]



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