Monday, January 9, 2012

Iran Book News Agency, reprint re: Silverstein, excerpt

Posthumous Shel Silverstein book comes in Persian

9 Jan 2012
Razi Hirmandi is translating one of the books of children's poet and caricaturist Shel Silverstein that has been published after his death.
IBNA: The original title of this book is "Every Thing On It". It contains poems and caricatures of this popular children's writer and as mighty as his previous works, said Hirmandi.

Hirmandi added that since he is meticulous in translation, he is not sure when the work is completed and therefore, he has not signed a contract with any publisher yet....

Referring to his other translation plans for children, he said: "After completion of Shel Silverstein's poetry series, I tend to work on a book by Dr Seuss entitled 'The bippolo seed'. This book, too, is published posthumously."

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