Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Message from Russell Hoban's fan club, The Kraken, re Hoban's upcoming birthday, Feb. 4. Take the survey below:

Hello all,  As you'll be aware, 4th February 2012
will mark the 10th anniversary
of the Slickman A4 Quotation Event,
aka SA4QE, in which fans of Russ
leave his favourite quotes in public places.

The event began in 2002 after Diana,
herself of the Slickman name,
posted this suggestion
for a special way of celebrating Russ's birthday:

This year, before the news
of Russ's illness,
I and a few others
were wondering about
appropriate ways to
celebrate SA4QE's 10th birthday.
When the sad news came in that Russ
had passed away we talked
some more about
whether indeed it was
still appropriate
to "celebrate".
The feeling was
overwhelmingly that
it should carry on
doing what it's meant
to do, which is to enable
the sharing of Russ's
brilliant words
with the wider world,
and I hope you'll agree
with that.

Thus, there are two main things
happening for SA4QE 2012:

the first being a Russell Hoban survey.
I'm not aware that there has ever
been a survey of Hoban fans before,
so I for one am very excited
about this. It's a fairly short survey,
entirely anonymous and mostly
multiple-choice, in which you
get to choose your favourite
Hoban book, quote and character,
and answer
some other fun questions.

PLEASE take this survey and pass
the link on to
as many Russ fans as you can
- we need LOTS of responses
for it to be worthwhile:

The second SA4QE activity is more
of a call to action
- it's over to YOU
to decide how best to make
this particular 4th February
an extra-special celebration.
This could be
anything you like,
*in addition to* leaving your favourite
Russ quotes in public places
and/or online.
Maybe your celebration
could involve several friends,
some boilermakers and a Mobius strip?
The world's your oyster!
Keep in mind that SA4QE 2012
takes place on a Saturday,
which should make taking part a bit easier.

There are full details about all of this,
replete with more non-prescriptive suggestions
for Things You Could Do To Celebrate,
at this SA4QE blog post:

Feel free to post here, or as a comment
on that blog post, about things
you might be doing next 4th February,
especially if you would like
to arrange some kind of event
(however small) in which other Russ
fans are invited to take part.

All bes,
pp Gombert
SA4QE Admincer

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