Friday, December 2, 2011

Message from IRSCL President Mavis Reimer, Univ. of Winnipeg

From Mavis Reimer, Pres. of the International Research Society for Children's Literature:

Dear members,

We've been busily working since the IRSCL Congress in Brisbane to transfer and to update the website from Deakin University to the University of Winnipeg. That work is now almost complete.
The IRSCL website ( has been successfully transferred to the University of Winnipeg server; there are, however, a few sections that are not yet accessible (From the President, For Members, and Conference Paper Calls) because these sections are built in Wordpress. When you click on these sections, you will receive a message that says: "Your server is running PHP version 5.1.2 but WordPress 3.2.1 requires at least 5.2.4." This actually means that it is the U of W server (not your individual computer) that does not support the Wordpress portion at this time. We are working with the U of W server administrator to resolve this as soon as possible.
The remainder of the website has been extensively updated and reorganized, including:
  • Contact details for the new board
  • Simplification of Resources section, including Journals and Links, and updating of all links and contacts for accuracy
  • Updates and revisions to Publications to make links accurate and to make the formatting more consistent
  • Updates and revisions to Awards and Grants sections to make them more consistent and readable
  • Reorganization of the IRCL section of the site, including new menu links and a more visible style guide
  • Headings, subheadings, and site map are now consistent and hierarchical, and most redundant links or pages have been deleted
  • Body text has been made larger to be more readable
  • Membership forms have been updated with the new Secretary's contact info
  • All XHTML code has been updated and made consistent for easier maintenance and updated browser compatibility
The Research Coordinator in my Centre here at the University of Winnipeg, Larissa Wodtke, will continue to reorganize, update, and streamline the site, along with its Wordpress sections. She is also looking into taking down old pages from the former IRSCL website (, which still appear to be accessible via search engines and direct URLs.
Please note that, if you are having difficulty accessing the website, you may need to clear your browser's cache. The domain name server has changed, but your computer may be trying to find the website through its established pathways.
You can contact Larissa directly if you have questions or concerns about the website. Her email address is

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