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CFP: Papers: Collections and Archives

Special "Papers" Issue: Collections and Archives

Special issue: “Children’s Literature Collections and Archives”

Papers: Explorations into Children’s Literature

Globally there exist numerous specialist collections of children’s literature. These are variously located in university, public, and private libraries, museums, and archives. While specialist collections vary in terms of space, resources, services and documentation designed for children’s literature, their common purpose is to collect, preserve, and offer access to texts that have been published for children over many years. The advent of digital technology and the application of Web 2.0 technologies have extended the ways texts are recorded and distributed, as well as how users can interact with the collections. This special issue of Papers is interested in collections of children’s literature and related scholarship, in how collections are organised, managed and used, and in the relationship between these collections and academic scholarship in children’s literature. Some of the approaches to papers for this special issue may include (but are not restricted to) the following topics.

  • Memory, history and children’s literature collections/archives
  • Forgotten “voices” in children’s literature collections
  • Nature, value and use of children’s literature collections
  • Digital convergence
  • Children’s literature collections and Web 2.0
  • Writing from the archive
  • Copyright issues in selection and use of materials
  • Children’s Book Illustration as aesthetic history
  • Reading the past: (nation and identity; childhood; religiosity)
  • School readers, papers, and memorabilia
  • Subject or object? Aboriginality and/or ethnicity in children’s literature
  • Use and users of digital archives

Please note that Papers: Explorations into Children’s Literature is a refereed journal and all articles will undergo a refereeing process.

Submissions due: 5 April 2012.

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