Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Children's Book Review Service Evaluates Fall 2010 Publications

One of the oldest site of its kind on the internet, SDSU's Children's Book Review Service provides twice-a-year evaluations of children's and adolescent books at the end of the Fall and Spring publishing seasons. Thirty-nine reviews from the Fall 2010 season are now available.

Dr. Alida Allison and her crew of independent reviewers (Jill Coste, Margaret Hess, Jennifer Lussier, Cynthia McDaniel, Linda Salem, and Marie Soriano) look at fiction and nonfiction, picture books, y.a. fiction, graphic novels, and bilingual offerings. In addition, you can consult informed assessments of the international picture book Goal as well as the hot y.a. seller The Virgin Suicides, peruse offerings from India and publications devoted to cats.

While not quite the Academy Awards, these mini-essays present an original sorting of the tens of thousands of books marketed to young readers in Fall 2010.

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