Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2010: The Summer of Peter Neumeyer

What will I be doing three, four months from now? I haven't thought in such organized fashion in 15 years.
I know I'll continue working with Pomegranate Press, publisher Katie Burke, on an edition of the Gorey - Neumeyer correspondence, scheduled for publication in 2011. We do that with the blessing and encouragement of Andreas Brown, executor of the Gorey estate. Pomegranate seems to have a near monopoly on all commercial Goreyana nowadays.
My reading is about as eclectic as ever, an autobiography of Isadora Duncan, early Michael Pollan, Wm. Hensley's extraordinary memoir growing up Inuit and becoming a Native nationalist (Fifty Miles from Tomorrow-)--the whole book worth if for the extraordinarily moving and convincing Epilogue.
Summer travel as yet undecided, but I'm reading a fair amount of Darwin (actually) and some secondary material, in case.

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