Thursday, May 13, 2010

2010: The Summer of Carole Scott

I'll be on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, for most of the summer. While there I will be continuing both my work as a developing potter, hoping to be included in the Guild show again, and my lessons learning to sight-read music so I can be a more useful choir member. I'll also be volunteering at the Library (almost entirely volunteer-run) where I take the opportunity of catching up on the newest fiction, and at the Hospital auxiliary Thrift Store. And I will assist again in supporting one of the noontime concert programs there, by preparing food for the hungry audiences. I'll also be swimming, kayaking and sailing.

On the professional front, I'll be putting the final touches to two forthcoming publications:
- for the Canadian journal Jeunesse: young people, texts, cultures, an extensive review entitled "Simply Read: an Innovative Press,"
- and a chapter called "Early Impressions: Paths to Literacy" in New Directions in Picturebook Research, to be in the Routledge Ch. Lit. series.
I'll be preparing and writing a chapter on the relationship between Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake for a volume on Roald Dahl, eds. Charlie Butler and Ann Alston for Palgrave MacMillan.

On a more basic level, I hope to tile the entry way and downstairs rooms of our house up there and work some more on getting the grounds in order, including keeping the deer from eating whatever food we manage to grow. I will be coming back to San Diego for at least one interval during the summer, and will finish tiling the master bathroom, and adding some decoration to the fishpond I have just finished building. I will also be preparing for the summer party of the Friends of the Library which it is my responsibility to host as current President.

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