Monday, May 10, 2010

2010: The Summer of Joseph Thomas

I will be in Roanoke VA for most of the summer, teaching a graduate course in Hollins' esteemed Children's Literature Program. I was hired as a Visiting Associate Professor of English, and will be living in the uppermost room of a strange, eldrich home, my quarters marked by queer angles and the faint residue of chalked diagrams and formula from some forgotten geometry.

While ensconced in those ancient rooms, I will continue my researches on the iconoclastic Sheldon Silverstein, hoping to complete the third chapter of my new book.

I will also be giving a paper at the ChLA this summer, an investigation of the incantatory power of Silverstein's folk music and oral poetry and their relation to forgotten evil of unnameable power, an evil which sits, squat, on the dusty planes of regions beyond time and space.

--Joseph Thomas

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