Monday, May 10, 2010

2010: The Summer of Alida Allison

First and most delightfully, with five graduate students who are presenting papers, I'll be in Fresno mid-May for the Oz conference.

Summer for me means Southwest Colorado, but I'll be back in San Diego in June for an academic collaboration I'm much looking forward to: SDSU's China Workshop, 10 professors, will meet with China experts from across the country to update our knowledge of and ability to teach about China. I hope to offer a "Post-1975 Chinese Literature" class in Spring '11.

I will also work this summer on my presentation for the PAMLA conference next November in Honolulu; I'm writing about The Island of the Blue Dolphins on its 50th anniversary this year.

I will also be working on my keynote address for the November Children's Literature Association of India conference in Kerala (my third time!).

And... working on the book I want to do about Kids' Brains and Kids' Books.

And, as usual during my Colorado summers, I will also be making pizzas at my sister-in-law's restaurant in Ridgway, Panny's Pizza.

--Alida Allison

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