Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Underneath the Juniper Tree Literary Magazine

Kathleen Rushall, graduate of the SDSU M.A. program in children's literature and current literary agent at the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, recently shared with us a literary magazine for those with a penchant for the dark, macabre, gothic, and creatively neurotic. Under the Juniper Tree is a non-profit online magazine that supports budding authors and artists with a twist toward the shadows. "We aim to promote the most creatively fantastical and darkly neurotic literature that has been much loved over the centuries and will be loved for centuries to come" (from magazine description).

For any students or new authors and illustrators interested in dark children's literature and "Edward Gorey style art," as Kathleen points out, this magazine would be a great place to explore fresh new storytelling and submit some of your own. Check it out: http://issuu.com/underneaththejunipertree

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