Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Environmental Crisis in Young Adult Fiction

A few weeks ago we shared a CFP for the upcoming Graduate Student Conference at Harvard, Sensing Wonder, Serious Play: Ecology and Children's Literature. The deadline for their submissions is August 15, so you have some time if you're interested in it.

If, like myself, you are intrigued by the concept but largely unfamiliar with the study of eco-criticism, maybe the following book will help. Environmental Crisis in Young Adult Fiction, by Alice Curry, addresses feminism and the environment in YA literature (particularly post-apocalyptic lit, which we all know there's no shortage of these days). explores the narrative techniques by which contemporary young adult authors attempt to develop a sustainable ethic of care that can encompass ‘feminised’ peoples and spatialities, including nonhumans and the environment. With particular reference to the ways in which global processes are mapped onto the local landscape, it advocates a poetics of earth to replace the disengaged planetary consciousness often engendered through crisis. (from the publisher's description)
My current research involves examining space and geography in children's literature, so certain keywords of this description stand out to me. If someone has read this book or intends to in the near (or distant) future, I'd love some feedback. For now, Palgrave Macmillan has a discount code for 50% the text: WECYAF2013a (entered at checkout).

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