Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Unjournal of Children's Literature Is Officially Published

The inaugural issue of The Unjournal of Children's Literature has been published! The SDSU-based editors and staff worked exhaustively to get this first installment up and invite you to explore it. With two articles, a book review, two interviews with Dr. Jerry Griswold, and introductory looks at artists focusing on childhood themes, The Unjournal is off to a great start, and we expect to publish new additions to the first issue in the weeks and months to come as well.

Reception has already been positive; we have received numerous words of encouragement and recognition from our mentors and supporters, including Dr. Griswold himself: 
The debut The Unjournal of Children’s Literature presents the surpassing prose and artwork of, for the most part, graduate students at San Diego State University. Besides bringing honor to the university, this publication offers a highly original and new voice in the field of literary studies. Everyone involved is to be congratulated, envied, and admired.
I say this not withstanding the fact that I am the subject of two interviews in The Unjournal where I am presented as a gray-haired eminence and referred to as “esteemed,” “important,” “charming,” etc.  While grateful, please be advised that I will not be coaxed by adulation into respectability. It’s more fun to be a pirate than a decorated admiral. 
You can see why we were so eager to involve Dr. Griswold in the first issue; it's certainly more amusing to work with a pirate than a decorated admiral too.

To learn more about The Unjournal, read the details here.


  1. The very impressive first issue of the SDSU grad-student created UnJournal is as exciting as many of us anticipated it would be-- fresh voices and perspectives in essays, book reviews, and the presentation of established artists' work as well as new figures on the art scene.

    Being a little aware of just how much work our grad students Kelsey, Alya, Alixandria, and Jill put into this now-public endeavor, I just want to congratulate and thank them, and add what a pleasure it is to have them in our program: KUDOS!

    1. Thank you very much, Dr. Allison!