Wednesday, April 3, 2013

SPA/ACYIG Conference on Childhood Studies This Week

2013 Biennial Meeting of the
Society for Psychological Anthropology
With the Anthropology of Children and Youth Interest Group
Hyatt Regency Mission Bay in San Diego, CA
April 4-7, 2013

If you're around this week and interested in an anthropological approach to the study of children (literature or otherwise), consider visiting the SPA/ACYIG conference to hear different perspective on Childhood Studies. SDSU’s Dr. Elisa Sobo is presenting on “Play” on Friday which may be of particular interest to some. Grad Student Kelsey Wadman will also be there, participating in the poster sessions.
Some details about the conference:

For the first time the Society for Psychological Anthropology biennial meeting will be held jointly with the Anthropology of Children and Youth Interest Group (ACYIG).

Psychological anthropology examines the relation among social processes, cultural meanings, and human subjectivities.  Psychological anthropologists study topics such as narrative, identity, experience, emotion, memory, discourse, belief, motivation, conceptualization, gender, sexuality, trauma, mental illness, stigmatization, and psychological development in social and cultural contexts.
The anthropology of children and youth is the cross-cultural and ethnographic examination of infants, children, youth, and adolescents.  It examines such topics as child development across time and space (physical, cognitive, emotional, social); parenting, childcare, and childrearing around the world; the evolution of childhood; the impact of globalization on children and their families and communities; child health; child education and learning; child participation in their cultures; the socio-historical construction of childhood; child agency and vulnerability; children’s rights; the political lives of children; and critical studies of childhood.

In addition to panels and discussion groups, we will also schedule plenary sessions, coffee breaks, and receptions that will bring our group together and facilitate informal conversation and networking. 

Saturday afternoon the ACYIG will hold a business meeting.  There will be a banquet on Saturday night, highlighted by presentation of the SPA Lifetime Achievement Awards to Anthony Wallace and to Jean Lave.

Registration for the SPA /ACYIG Biennial Meeting on April 4-7th, 2013 in San Diego is now open. Click here. The registration fee for professionals is $125 and a reduced rate of $60 for students. One-day conference rates for professionals are $50 and $25 for students. These fees cover all conference costs including meeting room rentals, audio / visual equipment, programs, etc.

Find all the info HERE

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