Wednesday, April 24, 2013

PAMLA: YA Lit Panel Submission Deadline Extended to May 12th

The general submission deadline for the PAMLA conference in San Diego has passed (April 15th) but there are a number of sessions that have extended their deadline to May 12th, including the following panel on Young Adult Literature, chaired by SDSU grad student Megan Parry.

The details:

Young Adult literature has been growing in popularity with readers and scholars. Why do these stories interest a young audience as well as adults? Why are new versions of old stories still interesting? This session will focus on Young Adult literature as well as literature about young adults. Submit a title, an abstract of approximately 40 words, and a proposal of 300-500 words explaining your project pertaining to the realm of Young Adult literature. Proposals must be uploaded via the online proposal submission form ( by May 12th, 2013. Papers can range from any time period and genre (novel, short stories, film, etc).

Topics prospective panelists may wish to address include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Influences on identity formation
  • Marketing of YA literature
  • Depictions of the young adult body
  • Trauma and violence
  • Dystopian YA novels
  • Gender
  • Family relations
  • Young adults relationship with media and technology
  • Aesthetics in YA literature
Questions may be directed to Megan Parry at, but all proposals must be submitted directly to the PAMLA website

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