Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Professor Emeritus Jerry Griswold to Speak on Fairy Tales at the University of Florida

Jerry Griswold (Professor Emeritus from SDSU's children's literature program) will be talking about "Beauties & Beasts @ Halloween" at the University of Florida (Gainesville) on October 30. His lecture will be part of the university's GrimmFest (a celebration of the two-hundred-year anniversary of the publication of the Grimms' fairy tales) and will be followed by a lecture by Harvard scholar Maria Tatar on November 13. Details at: 

The following day, October 31, Griswold will be meeting with Professor Kenneth Kidd's graduate seminar on Childhood Studies where he will be discussing "the future of children's literature criticism." While there, he plans to meet with former SDSU graduate students Latoya Faughander and Sean Printz, who are now enrolled in Florida's Ph.D. program.

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