Monday, October 29, 2012

First ChildLit GSA Forum on November 8th

First ChildLit GSA Forum! 

Where: Lestat's Coffee House @ 3343 Adams Ave 
Topic of the Night: "Children's and Young Adult Lit in Pop Culture"

The first event of the new ChildLit GSA is just around the corner! Come join us as we spend an evening in lively discussion over all things Children's Lit!

The SDSU ChildLit Grad Student Association was recently formed to further the cause of cultivating a lively and engaged community of Children's Lit Enthusiasts. One of our many goals for the coming year and beyond is to hold open discussion forums on general topics concerning Children's Lit. On that note, November 8th marks our first ChildLit Forum, and the general topic of the night will be "Children's and Young Adult Lit in Pop Culture." It's a superb chance to converse about all those cool things you see flying around on TV, the movies, or general media that relate to or emanate from Children's Lit. Feel free to bring anything to share, whether on or off topic--the forum is meant to be a welcoming and casual gathering. But don't worry! The GSA officers are coming prepared with topics too, and possibly a prize cupcake or two.

This Forum is open to all folks interested. That means faculty, grad students, undergrads, and you! So whether you have tons to discuss or you just feel like listening in, please drop by! It also provides an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded peers and scholars of the field.

We'll be holding the event at Lestat's Coffee House on Adams from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

Looking forward to meeting up, hanging out, and chatting up on KidLit! 

For more Information about the ChildLit GSA, please visit our Facebook Page 
And follow us on Twitter (you know you want to!): @SDSUChildLitGSA

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