Monday, October 1, 2012

Links You'll Love

Sometimes you just need someone else to round up some fascinating links for you, right? Here are five noteworthy links to entertain you today:

Presenting Lenore's 2012 Dystopian Recap: Every August, blogger and author Lenore Appelhans rounds up dozens of dystopian young adult novels and rates them on a scale of "zombie chickens." The rating system might be a little quirky, but Lenore's thoughtful reviews are an excellent resource for those of you who might be seeking a repository of dystopian options.

55% of YA Books Bought by Adults: Publishers Weekly reveals a study from Bowker Market Research. Are you surprised? Considering that I own about ten bookshelves' worth of young adult novels and I'm a fully qualified grown up, I'm not.

University of Florida's Fairy Tale Resource Page: Check out this fantastic site with information about fairy tale retellings, the Brothers Grimm, and link after link of fairy tale resources, from pop culture to scholarship.

YA Author Jessica Spotswood's Blog: When I do these link roundups, I'll try to highlight my favorite blogs by active young adult writers. The first is Jessica Spotswood, whose first novel Born Wicked debuted last February. Jess writes an eclectic blog that ranges from personal musings to author

Genrefluent: Diana Tixier Herald is a blogger who has been reviewing and recommending children's books for over 15 years. She has a huge archive of book reviews categorized by, you guessed it, genre.

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