Thursday, October 11, 2012

ChildLit Graduate Student Association @ SDSU!

Hello Children's Lit Specialists and Enthusiasts at SDSU!

A trio of graduate students -- Kelsey Wadman, Alix Lombardo and myself (Alya Hameed) -- have decided to form an organization called the ChildLit Graduate Student Association in order to cultivate a more cohesive community on campus for those interested in the field of children's literature. Professor Joseph Thomas, our NCSCL Director, has graciously agreed to be our Faculty Advisor.
We have come up with two main goals for ChildLit GSA:
  1. To conduct monthly forums on current issues in children's literature. They would be casual and open to grads, undergrads, faculty, and anyone who wanted to attend. Anyone could offer a discussion topic, but the officers of ChildLit would commit to presenting a topic to the forum (casually -- we would intend it to be a fun and enriching discussion, not a strain on everyone's work load!).
  2. To publish an online scholarly journal on the topic of children's literature. We have begun gathering information on how to accomplish such a thing and are brainstorming about topics, who to publish, the process of reviewing, etc!  We envision this journal as a project for grad students.
In being realistic about the time required to accomplish our goals we plan on holding two (maybe one!) forum this semester (going to monthly forums next semester) and publishing the first issue of our journal at the end of next semester. 

The next step in accomplishing these goals is to find a few more officers for ChildLit so the organization can get official recognition with SDSU (if you're interested in seeing what's involved in creating a student-run organization visit the Student Life & Leadership website). We are specifically looking for a Secretary and a Webmaster (does anyone have a particular knack for website design?!) but welcome anyone desiring to commit their time and energy to this endeavor. (FYI we need at least two more people!)

We would love to hear from anyone interested (even if you cannot commit to a position as an officer!) and would be open to fresh ideas and goals for ChildLit Graduate Student Association! Our email is

ChildLit GSA @ SDSU

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