Saturday, October 1, 2011

Griswold Praises British Fantasy in NYTimes Book Review

For this revival of “The Flint Heart,” a wonderful British fantasy by Eden Phillpotts first published in 1910, we can thank Katherine Paterson, the well-known author and current national ambassador for young people’s literature....At its center is an object, the Flint Heart, a heart-shaped pebble that changes whoever possesses it into an evil person...Paterson has hinted that the story may have a relevant political message....if the Flint Heart still exists, we should be able to identify its by owner means of its distinguishing symptoms. All we need do is look among political aspirants for the one who is a bully and a narcissist, ignorant and narrow-minded, ­power-hungry and hardhearted....
More in the New York Times Book Review:

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