Sunday, October 30, 2011


Call for Papers: The Family in Children's Literature

While Pippi Longstocking was able to master her adventures without parental supervision and Ali Mitgutsch's Wimmelbooks were marked by the absence of any guardians, the protagonists of today's vampire literature are peace-loving family people and new Wimmelbooks predominantly portray familial contexts. But is the image of the family in children's literature really subjected to a reactionary change? Or do the multifaceted images of the family merely reflect the diversity of
current social concepts of the family which just happen to include patchwork families and elective affinities such as those embraced by the Cullens in Twilight?
The focal topic of interjuli 02/12 will be “Children's Literature and the Family“. Possible aspects thereof are:
 changes in the image of the family as consequences of changed ideas of childhood
 neoconservatism vs. softening of familial roles
 educational impetus of children's literature dealing with the subject of family
 teenage parenthood in children's literature
 family as blood ties or elective affinities
 absent parents and competent children
 images of the family and ideology
 religious children's literature and the family
 images of the family on an international level
As always, we also encourage contributions that do not pertain to our focal topic. Please send in your manuscripts before February 28th, 2012. Guidelines concerning formatting and editing standards will be sent out upon request.
interjuli is an interdisciplinary scientific journal dedicated to the research into literature for children and young adults. We publish research papers as well as reviews of primary and secondary works.
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