Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Next" or Joseph Thomas Assesses Children's Poetry Criticism

In a recent issue of the journal Lion and Unicorn, Professor Joseph Thomas does a tightrope act in gently evaluating a new book on children's poetry: Styles, Joy, Whitley, eds. Poetry and Childhood. The review is not only admirable for its circumspect manner but also for the historical overview it provides of critical approaches to children's poetry. Here's an essay worth going out of the way for. Anyone doing anything along these lines, subsequently, will now need to reckon with this compass point.

The Lion and the Unicorn
is an electronic "Muse" journal published by Johns Hopkins University Press and, generally speaking, requires a subscription to access. However, many university libraries have subscriptions of their own and folks (students, faculty, alums) can access the journal electronically through the library; for example, members of the SDSU community can connect with Love Library here
and then enter their identifying numbers.

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