Friday, April 22, 2011

Update: E-Readers & E-Books for Children

Update. Since the publication of Jerry Griswold's evaluations of e-readers and the picture book (at the very bottom) a number of other writers, publications, and experts have weighed in on these topics--most recently (4/22/11) in the Op-Ed pages of the New York Times in an essay by Lawrence Downes, "Th
e Children’s Book Comes to Life Electronically. Should We Be Alarmed?":

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"Examining E- Picture Books," Maryland Morning:

"The Best Children's Books on the iPad," New York Times:

"Children's Book Apps," NPR:

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Jerry Griswold writes . . . "When folks talk about e-books, they are mostly thinking about offerings for adult and young-adult readers. These e-texts consist mostly of words and all that’s needed is a black-and-white reader; Amazon’s Kindle (currently, $139-$189) is a popular device in this category. But children’s picture books present a greater challenge since what’s needed is a more sophisticated device that can display color and images. At the moment, there are only two readers that can do so: Apple’s iPad and Barnes and Noble’s NOOKcolor...."

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