Friday, April 8, 2011

New Peter Pans, Nos. 1-5

The Hollywood Reporter advises that five Peter Pan projects are in the works:

  • "The.Never.Land" [sic] tells the story of Wendy and the forever-young boy with a Twilight-ish spin."
  • A Pan family adventure from Wedding Crashers producer Jeff Rake
  • Pan, which reimagines the classic 1904 stage play (and later novel) by J.M. Barrie with the boy and the dastardly Captain Hook as brothers
  • Neverland with Pan recast as a villain abducting London's children, while Hook, the hero, must stop him.
  • And on television Syfy is making a four-hour miniseries titled Neverland. Keira Knightley just joined the cast as the voice of Tinker Bell in what is intended to be a prequel of sorts.

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