Thursday, October 10, 2013

Resources at the Children's Lit Center

You may not know that the office for the National Center for the Study of Children's Literature is located in Arts & Letters 218. And if you weren't aware of the location, you probably didn't realize how many great resources reside here. In truth, the NCSCL has a plentiful and growing repository of books and resources, especially useful for graduate students getting their feet wet in the field of children's literature. Some of this cool stuff includes:
  •  A huge collection of current picture, middle grade, and young adult books that publishers send to us for possible review by our book review service. Many of these are eventually sent over to SDSU's Love Library to add to the wonderful Juvenile Collection; some are sent to local schools as well. This program has been going on for years, and we have amassed more books than we can handle! 
  • In fact, students and alumni are all welcome to drop by and check out a book to review. We encourage it and would love to post your response and thoughts on the books you choose. Drop by or send an email to to find out when we are around.
  • We have many scholarly books that serve as great resources, for graduate students in particular. And as Kelsey mentioned earlier, once the Unjournal begins the process of requesting books for review, the resources in the center office will undoubtedly grow with current academia too.
  • You'll find a few theses from former children's lit grad students shelved here as well. If you have chosen (or are debating the choice) to embark on that journey instead of SDSU's portfolio option, you would certainly benefit from examining a few of them. What better way to learn what it entails than to hold a hefty, bound complete work in your hands.
  • Lastly, two earnest grad assistants inhabit the office and thrive off the friendly hello once in a while amidst studying, working, and office hours. 

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