Friday, November 2, 2012

PaperTigers' Tenth Anniversary, with Multicultural Top Tens and More

Paper Tigers, a blog about multicultural books for young readers and world literacy, is celebrating its tenth anniversary of readership in a marvelous fashion. Their multitude of engaging reflective pieces, Top Ten lists, and special giveaways demonstrate the goal of mutual awareness and understanding that PaperTigers has striven to build.

Take a look at this reflection by the founding Producer/Editor Elisa Oreglia to get a sense of their roots and purpose for the last ten years. It started with the idea that
books foster mutual understanding; that the web could help bring books that don't have the budget and marketing force of Harry Potter behind them to a bigger audience; and that a website that spotlighted books (and authors, illustrators, publishers, booksellers, librarians, and the whole wonderful tribe) about and from Asia and the Pacific Rim, written in English, to an international audience might be filling an important niche.  
More works can be found in the Personal Views Section.

The highlights for me are the Top Ten lists they have posted on different subjects. The wide selection they present in each of their subjects (and more to come, I presume) offers an invaluable resource for those largely unfamiliar with the range of ethnically diverse children's books. The lists include Multicultural Kids' Books about Food! (Featuring not one but two top ten lists), Multicultural Ghost Stories, and YA/Crossover Books with a Religious Theme.

And as a special treat, they are hosting a great giveaway of tons of books and other goodies.


  1. Thank you, Alya, for this fantastic post, and for what you say about PaperTigers. And yes, there are still some more Top 10s to come :-)

    1. I'm sorry I only just saw your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed this post. Your blog is really a wonderful resource. And I LOVED the top ten food lists. Loved.