Monday, November 5, 2012

New Academic Titles in Children's Literature

The Critical Approaches to Children’s Literature series, published by Palgrave Macmillan, announces its 2012 publications:

Children’s Literature, Popular Culture, and Robinson Crusoe by Andrew O’Malley

Children’s Literature and Capitalism: Fictions of Social Mobility in Britain, 1850-1914 by Christopher Parkes

Playing with Picturebooks: Postmodernism and the Postmodernesque by Cherie Allan

Previous books in this series include:

New World Orders in Contemporary Children’s Literature: Utopian Transformations (paperback) by Clare Bradford, Kerry Mallan, John Stephens, and Robyn McCallum

Empire in British Girls’ Literature and Culture: Imperial Girls, 1880-1915 by Michelle J. Smith (Winner of the European Society for the Study of English Book Awards Category B – Junior Scholars, 2012)

Narrative Pleasures in Young Adult Novels, Films and Video Games by Margaret Macke

For further details please visit the Palgrave site:

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