Tuesday, May 1, 2012

YALSA Journal Announces Rolling Publication Schedule, reprint, excerpt

Editor’s Message: Continuous Publishing

By Sandra Hughes-Hassell, JRLYA member editor

Welcome to the Journal for Research on Libraries and Young Adults. Beginning with this issue, JRLYA will move to a dynamic publication schedule. As soon as a manuscript has met our rigorous review criteria, it will be published online. The JRLYA advisory board believes that moving to a continuous schedule will allow YALSA to provide high quality, original research from scholars in our field in a more timely manner. This change also aligns with YALSA’s use of electronic and social media to communicate, collaborate, and educate its members. As new manuscripts are added to JRLYA, they will be publicized in YALSA E-News and via YALSA’s social networking tools.

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