Monday, November 1, 2010

Foreign Guests for Holidays

I just got this notice about a new program SDSU's American Language Institute (ALI) is starting, "Home for the Holidays."I thought our ChLit blog readers/English Dept. folks might be interested in hearing about the opportunity to do something nice for some of SDSU's international students who have come to SDSU to learn/improve their English. There are many students who will be away from home over the holidays with no where to go, who would love to share a day with a local family to experience American traditions and culture. June ~ I spoke to Kim in ALI, and they would also be interested in hearing from those who might be willing to host students for a day during Hanukkah. I wondered if you might consider mentioning this opportunity in your Jewish American Lit. class? Here's a great opportunity for Children's Lit. devotees (and anyone else) to invite SDSU's ALI students home to share in American cultural traditions.What's the connection to ChLit, you may wonder? Consider how Harry Potter felt when the other Hogwarts students left him behind over the holidays in the earlier books, and how happy he was when he was invited to stay with the Weasley's to join in their family's celebrations. See below/attached for details.Best,Emily Moore

Students studying at ALI often have nowhere to go and no one
to spend the day with on holidays. This year, you can make a
difference! Invite an international student into your home for a
day of celebration on Thanksgiving, and/or Christmas.
Students will have the opportunity to meet an American family
and see how we celebrate a traditional holiday. Sharing your
holiday with a student enriches his/her life and yours! Learn
about another culture, and make new friends from around the
If you’re interested in the Home for the Holidays program and
would like to participate, please contact Kim at 619-594-1967
or email to
What’s involved:
• Contact ALI with your information
• Name
• Address
• Contact information
• Number of students you’re able to host
• ALI will match you up with a student(s)
• Contact the student(s) directly
• Invite one or more international students to your home for the day
on Thanksgiving and/or Christmas
• Pick the student up at their current residence and drop them back off
at the end of the day (if desired, some students may have their own
• Make a friend for life!

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