Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Healthy Reading before Children's Book Week

One enticing diversion of mine is to scour the food blogosphere. Sadly I've been neglecting that lately, what with the end of the semester nipping at my toes and obligations that come with it. Still, when the chance avails I catch up on what I've missed and sometimes stumble on a delight. Yesterday was no different, as I came across the following post about some healthy pickin's for the young foodie from North Atlantic Books (located in Berkeley, CA, lest that name fools you). I had the opportunity to intern with them many, many moons ago, and am not surprised by this conscious collection of wholesome reads. I wonder what presence the "food revolution" has in youth culture, and if books like this are becoming more abundant.
As an aside: if I might suggest a delicious read myself, I'd recommend Hot, Hot Roti for Dada-Ji, by F. Zia--not so much for the healthiness than for the utterly mouthwatering visions of delicious Indian bread cooked fresh at home for many generations to enjoy.

Really, I don't even have the book and I still get excited by what lies within it.

But this first discovery led me to another--I was unaware that next week is Children's Book Week, the longest-running national literacy initiative (since 1919). As someone who hopes to get more involved in literacy movements locally and globally, I always get excited about these programs and checked out if any local events were happening. Apparently events will occur in La Jolla at Warwicks Books, including a reading/signing event with local author/illustrator Salina Yoon.

These initiatives make me reflect on the balance between being children's lit scholar and children's lit(eracy) advocate -- where they share ground and where they diverge. I'll have to hash that one out later. For now, I need some roti...

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