Thursday, September 27, 2012

Special Research on Children's Literature Collections and Archives Available Online

The editors of Papers: Explorations into Children's Literature have compiled a wealth of archival research on international children's literature. This special issue, titled "Children’s Literature Collections and Archives," is available for free open access online. The table of contents is below. Follow the link to access these articles!

The Osborne Collection of Early Children’s Books: Toronto Public Library’s Research Collection of Juvenile Material
Leslie Anne McGrath

Twentieth century literary and publishing archives: UK research perspectives on children’s literature
Charlotte Berry

Colonial Girls’ Literature and the Politics of Archives in the Digital Age
Michelle J. Smith and Kristine Moruzi

Anthony Arrowroot and Nutty Nutella: Advertising in Children’s Literature
Afsana Khan

The Historical-Cultural Value of the Juvenile Collection: The McLaren Collection at the University of Melbourne and its Girls’ Books
Margaret Lowe

John Mystery and the Australian Book Trade
Juliet O’Conor

Astrid Lindgren and the Archives
Helene Ehriander

A Token to the Future: A Digital ‘Archive’ of Early Australian Children’s Literature
Kerry Mallan, Amy Cross, and Cherie Allan

Digital Archives and Cultural Memory: Discovering Lost Histories in Digitised Australian Children’s Literature 1851-1945
Michelle Dicinoski

The Lu Rees Archives of Australian Children’s Literature
Belle Alderman

Collections of the Swiss Institute for Children’s and Youth Media and their Public Access
Roger Meyer

Growing up Australian: The National Imaginary in School Readers
Jane McGennisken

Books or Toys? A Traveller’s tale: researching early movable books for and by children in material and virtual collections
Jacqueline Reid-Walsh

Clare Bradford and Kerry Mallan, editors, Papers: Explorations into Children's Literature

This issue is available (free open access) at this link:

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