Monday, January 17, 2011

Norwegian Guest 2010-2011: Berit Westergaard Bjørlo

2010-2011 has been a year for visiting researchers. In addition, to professors Joseph Sanders and Karin Kokorski ...

Berit Westergaard Bjørlo has taught in elementary, middle and high school, and is a Lecturer at Faculty of Education, Bergen University College, Norway, where she teaches Scandinavian Literature with an emphasis on Children’s Literature and Culture. This academic year she and her husband live in San Diego, where he is a visiting professor in SDSU's College of Education.

Currently, Bjørlo is working on a PhD project about paintings and poems in Scandinavian picturebooks. The project is part of the Research Program of Art Didactics at Bergen University College. Some of the picture books she analyzes make use of paintings from modern art history, others repurpose poems previously published for an adult audience. Her study examines how the original works of art are ”translated” into the picturebook medium.

Bjørlo looks foirward to working with the National Center for the Study of Children's Literature.

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