Thursday, January 13, 2011

UCLA Feb 6: Documentary Film: Writers & Illustrators

The following debuts at UCLA on February 6. See:

upcoming film on children’s literature, Library of the Early Mind, directed and produced by Edward J. Delaney and co-produced by Steven Withrow... “We wanted to do a film that would be interesting to people who may not have an interest in children’s literature,” says Withrow. “We wanted to describe how the writers and illustrators become artists and how these personal experiences really were the crucibles of the art they created.” Among the experiences he cites are: David Small’s difficult childhood, described in Stitches; Jack Gantos’s imprisonment as a young adult for smuggling hashish; and the burning of Nancy Garden’s 1982 novel, Annie on My Mind.

The three—Small, Gantos, and Garden—are among the 40 authors and illustrators interviewed by Withrow and Delaney for the film. “Because we were limited in terms of money, we confined ourselves for the most part to artists in New York City, western Massachusetts, and northern New England,” Withrow says. Not that that was a hardship given the talent pool in the Northeast, from Jeff Kinney to Lois Lowry and Chris Van Allsburg. In addition, Delaney and Withrow interviewed literary critics, including Roger Sutton, Anita Silvey, and Gopnik....
more at Publishers' Weekly:

See interesting video trailer and other info at film's web site:

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