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SNAPSHOTS: Dr. Jan Susina's Lecture on "Alice’s Wonderland to Alice in Wonderland: Walt Disney’s Problem Child"

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Below are some snapshots taken from Dr. Jan Susina's lecture in March. Dr. Susina's lecture focused on the various Walt Disney Company productions and adaptations of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland. His historicizing of Disney's infamous (and now popular) Alice in Wonderland drew quite a crowd from our SDSU faculty and student body. One of our NCSCL Graduate Assistants, Andrea Kade, had a few undergraduate students from her RWS class attend the lecture and write up a blog of their own for an extra credit assignment.

Click for more insight into an undergraduate's perspective on Dr. Susina's lecture!

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Our NCSCL director, Dr. Joseph Thomas
with his mentor, Dr. Jan Susina
Black and White silent animated short film
by Walt Disney Company (1924)

Walt Disney Company series of animated and live action
cartoons called Alice Comedies (1923-1927)

Photos of Lewis Carroll (left) and Walt Disney (right)

Walt Disney's 1946 interview from American Weekly
magazine about his views on Carroll's Alice stories

Lutz's educational book helped inspire
Walt Disney's animation techniques

Dr. Jan Susina during the Q&A session

Quote from McCall's magazine from Walt Disney
and his conflicted feelings about the Alice film

Left: Sir John Tenniel's originial woodcut of the White Rabbit (1865);
Right: Walt Disney's feature film version of the White Rabbit (1951)

Quote from Walt Disney (1939)

Donald Hall artwork during the pre-production
stage of the Disney feature film

Mickey Mouse adaptation of Carroll's story (1936)

Live Action Alice in Wonderland (1933)
Dr. Susina's audience

Alice Liddell, the inspiration for Carroll's
fictional Alice

Page from E.G. Lutz's animation book

SDSU Children's literature professors Dr. Angel Matos (left) and
Dr. Joseph Thomas (right) with Dr. Jan Susina (center) after the lecture

Many thanks to Dr. Jan Susina for giving such an insightful and brilliant lecture on the adaptations of Carroll's Alice by the Walt Disney Company.

If you would like to contact Dr. Susina you can email him or check out his website, Ghost of the Talking Cricket.

You can also following him on his Twitter account with the aptly named handle: @alicentweetland

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