Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Yale Grads Looking for Children's Poetry: Join StoryTime and Make a Difference!

Have you ever wondered how you can help change the world? It all starts with an idea, and this idea is truly revolutionary. This team of Yale graduates created an innovative way to allow families across the globe access to literature for children! They have pinpointed a direct way to give children and parents the ability to read with their children- through text messages.

In our society, cell phones are a part of our augmented survival, beyond water and food many families depend on their cell phones. It is through this avenue that this awesome team of teachers and entrepreneurs created a new way to give people access to books. While many families might not be able to get to public libraries, afford children's books, or have access to the Internet, they have cell phones and because of this, StoryTime has discovered a way to reach these families and close the gap. Exposing children to literature at an early age is vital to their development and StoryTime has done their research, this program has already proven to be incredibly valuable. Not only is their program three hundred times cheaper than shipping books, it has been shown to dramatically improve early literacy.

Take a peek at their YouTube video that describes in detail exactly what StoryTime is all about!

This is one of the various ways YOU can become a part of something important.
Here is how you can help!
They are looking for people who are interested in joining their new team and creating content through poetry. This includes things like writing poems and stories, working with their team of illustrators and listening to feedback to continually improve their innovative project. You can find them on their website to find out more. This is a great opportunity to not only have your poetry and stories heard but also make a lasting impact on the world.

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