Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Long Awaited Material Now Published on the Unjournal!

Hi all, this is Alya checking in from the alumni realm to share a quick update regarding The Unjournal of Children's Literature. The new year has brought new vigor to the editorial staff (most of whom graduated last year and have been scrambling to make order in our lives outside of graduate school now).

But here we are, extremely proud and honored to present the first batch of new material slated for 2015, including a valuable and timely interview with Dr. Katharine Capshaw! (You may have already seen the announcement making the rounds on Twitter and Facebook.) During a visit to SDSU last year, Dr. Capshaw spent a delightful and relaxed afternoon with us talking about everything under the sun, a conversation which resulted in this interview. Please do check it out, there is just so much to enjoy and learn from in there.

We've also finally published the video of the Edible Books Festival held last year in its entirety. You may remember we blogged about it; now you can watch the four fabulous speakers (and one awesome emcee) we engaged to talk about the beauty, prevalence, and value of food in children's literature, as well as the necessity of exploring children's lit in general.

Stay tuned for articles to come soon on The Unjournal. If you're interested in joining the team, you can email us at, or find us on twitter (@chlunjournal) or facebook.

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