Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Beginnings for Fall 2014 and the NCSCL Blog

Hello World,

A happy Fall 2014 semester to all. 

Time always seems to fly by when you are having fun, or so they say. I hope that everyone is having a great start to their semester. 

My name is Cristina Rivera and I am both delighted and honored to be a new contributor to the NCSCL blog during my time at SDSU.  I have escaped the forty-hour-a-week working world and am currently beginning my MA in English Literature emphasizing in Children’s Literature. 

My love of books started when I was still in diapers and I as I grew I was not only fascinated by the stories themselves but also by their power to allow my imagination to take me into a whole new world.  Therefore my academic interests include how children stories can be used to enlighten or motivate children to be creative and comfortable with their imagination. However, as well as the amazing NCSCL bloggers before me, I also find enjoyment in many aspects of Children’s Literature from analyzing it to reading it.

My mission for this Blog is to highlight new information regarding Children’s Literature but also to stir up some fond childhood memories that exist in stories we grew up loving. And of course I am more than delighted to bring you the latest exciting news and announcements from the great NCSCL department of SDSU. 

If you haven't done so already, please follow us on Twitter, @NCSChildLit, for daily facts, fun tidbits, memorable quotes, upcoming events, and things that sound fun regarding kid books or authors. 


  1. Hi Cristina!

    Please tell everyone about the exhibit, "The Original Art: The Fine Illustration of Children's Picture Books" that will be on display from now through November 23rd, 2014, at the Cannon Art Gallery of Dove Library. It's an opportunity to see the actual art from the best illustrated picture books of 2013, as selected by the Society of Illustrators in NYC. The Gallery is open 11 am - 5 pm Tuesday through Saturday; 1-5pm Sundays, Closed Mondays. More information here:

    1. Thank you for the info Joy. I will be sure to get something up for you.

      That sounds amazing!