Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Cancellation and an Addition to the Rutgers University Speaker Series

Because she is under the weather, Robin Bernstein’s lecture (“Trayvon Martin and So Many More: Racial Innocence Today”)–mentioned in a blog post earlier and scheduled for September 19th at the Childhood Studies Program at Rutgers University (Camden)–has, unfortunately, been canceled:

At the invitation of Rutgers grad students, however, Professor Emeritus Jerry Griswold will be there on October 1 and 2. Details can be found at: He will be speaking on "Visualness" and "The Anthropology of Childhood" during his visit.

While in Philadelphia, Griswold will also be assessing the progress of Martin Woodside and Ellen Malven, former SDSU grad students now studying for the Ph.D. in Childhood Studies. These examinations will take place in Irish bars throughout the city.

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