Thursday, June 6, 2013

MLA Session Call - Deadline June 10

Each year, the Children‘s Literature Association is guaranteed one session at the Modern Language Association Convention and can submit proposals for up to two more.

If you would like to propose a session topic, then by 9 pm on Monday, June 10th please send the ChLA/MLA Liaison (Jennifer Miskec at

(1) a short description of your proposal idea, and, if relevant,
(2) the name of another MLA-affiliated entity (allied organization, division, or discussion group) you plan to seek as a co-sponsor.

The ChLA Board will examine the proposals and select the top three (one guaranteed, plus two additional**) for submission to the 2015 MLA Convention.

If the ChLA chooses to submit two additional sessions, then one of those sessions must be a collaborative session with another entity (division, discussion group, allied organization, etc.):

• MLA divisions:
• MLA allied and affiliate divisions:
• MLA discussion groups: 

**The proposals for the two additional sessions are not guaranteed and will be reviewed by the MLA Program Committee. Please see the Procedures for Organizing Meetings on the MLA Web site ( for further details.

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