Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Literary History of Oz

The movie is out now; I haven't seen it yet so I am left to wonder for the moment how Oz: The Great and Powerful holds up against the prolific universe created by Frank L. Baum.  Have you read Baum's Oz  books? All of them? As in all 14 of them plus the countless officially sanctioned works (and who knows how many unofficial ones)? Well you'd have beaten me if so, because I am sadly unfamiliar with the breadth of his fantastic world. However, whether or not you are in fact less informed like myself, you might find this Literary History of Oz (found on LitReactor) quite interesting and compelling.

Plus, it will certainly help in a few weeks when the ChildLit GSA holds its next forum, on the Wonderful World of Oz on Sunday, March 24th. More details to come really soon!

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