Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Links for a Tuesday

Here are a few fascinating reads regarding the world of children's literature and culture...

Girls Gone Missing: Reel Girl takes a look at the movie posters for 2013 and calls out the insidious dearth of representation of female characters, even if the film has a female protagonist. What's up with that? Jezebel.com also featured Reel Girl's piece and posited a few theories.

Top 10 Bizarre Fairy Tale Adaptations: Flavorwire's list includes fantastic short story collections like Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber and Kate Bernheimer's My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me as well as cheeky retellings like Six Gun Snow White and a profound examination of Hansel & Gretel's hunger set during the Holocaust.

SDSU Professor Emeritus Jerry Griswold's latest review for the New York Times examines two middle-grade books set during World War II.

Kansas State Professor (and SDSU friend!) Phil Nel has a rundown and critique of a ridiculous lawsuit occurring in the academic publishing industry.

Is reading a good way for children to learn grammar? (That would be a resounding yes.) The Guardian explores how children's fiction might be a better grammar resource than a textbook.

You need to read this article about Theodor Geisel's relationship with hats. And definitely take note of the picture of Dr. Seuss in the San Diego State band hat.

This Tumblr of gifs of one librarian's response to common library occurrences is hilarious. Hilarious, I tell you!

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