Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Pick-Me-Ups

Oh joy, it's Monday and surely you need a pick-me-up if, like me, you had a raucously wild weekend of writing, and writing, and thinking about writing, and being distracted from writing. So here, two delightful looks back on the excellence that is Children's Lit:
  1. Writers' Favorite Classic Book Illustrations -- compiled on The Guardian, authors share the images that best capture the innocence, terror and enchantment of children's stories, images that mean the most to them.
  2. The Year in Miscellanea at 100 Scope Notes -- from Most Disgusting Moment to Jawline of the Year (with some blue LEGOs and a bookmark here and there), this review of 2012 in Children's Lit is really like none other. Really. Even toenail clippings make a cameo. And that is what makes it brilliant.
Hope they lift your spirits up!

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